Monday, November 11, 2013

Religion has nothing to do with being a better human, only working on yourself and being better also makes you better! I don´t hate you for your religion, I hate you for being a bad person!


This is not the face of christianity, this is not the face of the islam.
This is not the face of religion

This is the face of absolut terror, of gruesome cruelty and the loss of humanity.

A girl, forced to see her parents being killed before she is slaughtered herself.

You can put any religion in front of the girl and use any excuse of following the wrong religion as reason why humans go so low to kill adults, children, even babies.

The problem is, even without religion as excuse, humans will fabricate and misuse any reason possible to defend their evil deeds.

Religion is just a straw puppet for those kind of people to have a reason why they do those sick deeds and put themselves up as righteous peoples.

Without religion they would use an other excuse, wrong gender, wrong race, wrong social standing, wrong wrong wrong...

If the sick individuals of society no longer can use religion as defense for their cruelty, they will use something else.

Just like child molesters, rapists shove the fault to the victim.
Wrong clothes, too short skirt, a smile, a wink, accepting a drink...

Not religion or being an atheist, gender, age or colour is a reason to be cruel to someone or is an excuse for doing something cruel to someone.

The only reason for you being a sick fuck and harming others, is the following...

You are a sick fuck and need to take a nose dive from a very high building onto the pavement.

I am sick of it ...they don´t really care for the girl, the medias use her to defend their religion as the better one, because the girl was also a member of their religion and was brutally killed...

They use her as propaganda to say that they are good and everyone else is bad while they are not better.

They also judge and hurt and even kill, they defend abusers, killers, molesters, rapists, but they use the plight of little children which were killed by members of an other religion to make themselves look better.

Shame on you also, that little girl was just a small child who most likely didn´t even know anything about religion.

It doesn´t matter which religion her parents followed, where they lived, which race they belonged to, which tribe, what was their favorite colour or which clothing brand they wore...

Cruelty, pain, abuse, shunning others just because...using sh*t f*cking reasons that make no sense, it has no place, that should not happen!

The problem here is not a religion, the problem here are sh*tf*cked humans who find pleasure in being sick f*cks.

I don´t fracking care which religion or whatever they use as an excuse why humans are victims to other humans, we pride ourselves to have a big brain and humanity and logic...

Even if you follow a religion, your humanity and reason would keep you from doing those things..religion is not the root of evil, humans are.

We don´t need religion to tell right from wrong, we don´t need religion to judge others.

Don´t use her to defend your own religion as being the better choice. Stop abusing her death for your own agenda.

If you would use her death to apeal to other humans to be decent and kind and helpful..a big fat YES!

But to abuse the death of her and others to show yourself off as being better because you belong to a different religion, shove off!

Religion has nothing to do with being a better human, only working on yourself and being better also makes you better!

I don´t hate you for your religion, I hate you for being a bad person! 

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