Friday, November 1, 2013

Hundreds of protesters march through Nairobi to demand justice for a 16-year-old gang rape victim after her six attackers were ordered by police to cut grass as their punishment.

31_kenyarape_w_MEDShouting "Justice for Liz", several hundred took to the streets in Kenya today, demanding that the suspected rapists and the police officers who let them off with a nominal punishment be brought to justice.

The 16 year-old girl – given the pseudonym Liz by the media - was attacked in June when she was raped by six men who then threw her unconscious body down a latrine pit. Several of the suspected perpetrators were caught, but only made to mow the lawn of the police station before being set free.

Liz is now wheelchair-bound, and according to one protester, Fanis Lisegali, Liz also now suffers from other health problems including a fistula.

An online petition to bring her attackers to justice has got 1.3 million signatures.

கற்பழிப்பிற்கு தண்டனை கொடு - JusticeforLiz march in Nairobi delivers 1 3 million

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