Monday, November 11, 2013

On this Veterans Day we honor all who have served under the staffs of the warrior societies as well as under flags of those who attempted to conquer and erase us. Pictured here Beau Little Sky; one of the countless warriors (Tokala) throughout time that jumped at the chance to defend land, water, women, children, family and Nation against oppression that continues to this day.


The United States celebrates Veterans Day today and we celebrate them by saying Bring them Home, take care of their needs, give them the tools needed to feed, clothe, shelter and most importantly heal from the violence that you have made them perpetrate in your name, the blood they have spilled is on your hands, the Corporate-Military-Industrial-Financial-Apartheid Complex that is disguised as Patriotism.

We honor the brave of any nation but we hold a special place in our hearts for the warriors, men, women and children who continue to lay it on the line in defense of life, land, sacred water, languages, ceremonies and lifeways that are connected to the land, we are one and may we restore balance.

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