Thursday, October 31, 2013

Racism = Racism. period


In 1961, the Washington Redskins were under pressure from the Kennedy Admin to integrate and end its policy of excluding athletes of color. In response, the American Nazi party held a demonstration under the banner "Mr. Marshall Keep the Redskins White"

Don't buy into the illusion that "Indian" mascots have ever had anything to do with "honoring" Native peoples. These mascots have always had more to do with imperialist nostalgia, a mood of nostalgia that makes racial domination appear innocent and pure, than actual honor for Native peoples.

You will notice that so called mascot die hards are more attached to a symbol than actual living real Native peoples. Don't take LRI's word for it, just go read the comments section of any "major" media outlet running stories on ending mascots and compare those to the comment sections when issues like KXL, fracking, or other serious issues facing Natives are discussed.



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